During the summer when we spend more time out in the sun our skin needs more care and attention. To make sure your skin is healthy, glowy, and beautiful during and after summer, we have put together a few easy tips, which will help you to take care of your skin and protect it from sun damage.


Taking care of your skin is important all year round, but hot sun, salty seawater, wind, and dry air will challenge your skin and it is important to know how to protect it. Although firstly we think that sun is good for our skin, by making us glow and by adding a little tan to hide some of our beauty mistakes, we still shouldn’t let our guards down. Unusually high temperatures and high UV makes our skin more sensitive and dryer and by causing more damage, it will fasten the process of our skin ageing.


Regular skin care routine and cleansing is the foundation for healthy skin during summer. Hot weather and sweating can make our skin more greasy, which is a favourable condition for clogged pores and pimples. To avoid those, wash your face at least two times per day – in the morning and the evening. That way you will prevent grease from ruining your gentle and pure skin. While taking care of your face it is best to use products with natural ingredients. Those products don’t irritate your skin but instead will clean it gently. For people who have acne-prone skin we highly recommend using products with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil will help stop bad bacteria to increase thanks to its antibacterial feature.

We can’t avoid protection from the sun. The hot summer sun is unpredictable and will affect your skin before you will even notice. That’s why it is important to be careful and remember to apply UV protection to your skin before you head off to a day at the beach! We are happy to say that our plum oil can also be used as sun protection with a natural SPF of 20. Using it is easy – before heading out to the sun, just drip a few drops on your face or use it as extra protection and mix it with your sunscreen. If you are planning to be outside for a longer time, refresh your face with the oil after every 1,5 hours.

Moisturising your skin is as important as sun protection. Even though your skin goes greasy very easily it might not be a sign of hydrated skin. On a warm summer day UV radiation, wind, and salty seawater can turn skin much drier, less elastic, and even make your skin peel off. To avoid it, remember to moisturise your skin regularly. When picking out products, prefer those with lighter ingredients that will let your skin breathe without giving it an extra burden. For moisturising your face, plum oil is a perfect help. In plum oil, there are omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that will hydrate your face gently, but at the same time also protect against damage caused by free radicals.

During the summer season, the idea “less is more” applies. If you use makeup, you should choose lighter products during the summer. Instead of regular foundation use mineral powder or toning day cream, which you can enrich with plum oil. In that way, you will give your face the best treatment while wearing makeup.

Do not forget your lips! The skin on your lips is very fragile and sensitive. When you are out in the sun it is important to moisturise your lips, otherwise, your lips will dry very quickly. For that, the perfect option to use would be lip balm and also plum oil. Plum oil is made from natural origins and that’s why it is rich in nutrients. It will protect your lips from the damage of the sun and cracked lips, instead, it will moisturise and make them feel younger. When going out, put the oil into your beach or handbag and if you feel the need put a few drops on your lips!

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