Hanna Liivia, a 22-year-old student, did a 4-week experiment with PLUMMÉ plum beauty oil this summer. She travels quite a lot and spends time in cold and dry climates but also in tropical and humid environments – both are pretty challenging for the skin. Hanna Liivia was dealing with inflammation and breakouts. Her skin is relatively dry, textured and has some scarring. She agreed to try plum oil for a month to see if it would make her skin smoother, softer and less inflamed. We asked her to track the progress of how her skin changes with Plummé, and we are very excited to share it with you!

Before using plum oil, Hanna Liivia’s facial skin was slightly inflamed, textured and had some light scars:


“The first week, adding Plummé oil to my face cream every night and sometimes in the morning, I noticed how my skin was nicely moisturized and fresh. My skin type is relatively dry, and Plummé oil provides nice additional moisture to the usual face cream, which makes my skin super soft and even. I am very excited to see the results after a month.”


“After using Plummé oil for the second week, my facial skin is still nicely moisturized, soft and more even than before. I have been using this beauty oil mainly in the evening because there’s currently a heat wave where I’m traveling, and I am afraid that my skin will get too oily during the day when I use face oil.

I’ve developed some pimples on my skin due to hormones, and using Plummé oil daily didn’t seem to help with the inflammatory spots, but it did make my facial skin more even. I have to use another stronger product to treat inflamed pimples, which makes my facial skin awfully dry. Luckily, I got a lot of help from plum oil against this dryness, and my skin didn’t get uncomfortably dry at all but was silky soft.”


“After the third week of using Plummé oil, my skin is pleasantly soft and moisturized. The skin tone is even, and the facial texture is smoother than before. A few small spots have appeared, but they will go away soon. I don’t think I have ever used any oil that smells as good as Plummé – I am very satisfied with this beauty oil.”


“Why did I like using Plummé?
– Very nice branding/packaging.
– Great smell.
– Deeply moisturizes the skin and protects it from the cold.
– My skin texture became smoother and even.

Most of all, I am positively surprised that using the oil has made my skin more even, and there are fewer pimples. This is an excellent skin care product that really does what it promises. Thank you Plummé!”

As you can see, Hanna Liivia’s facial skin went through all kinds of changes within a month. At first, her skin needed time to get used to the new product, and it is only normal that a few bumps may appear first. The skin will clear out and eventually get used to the plum oil, and then you will see actual results. Hanna Liivia’s skin became much softer, the texture has evened out, and scars have now almost disappeared. There are also fewer inflammatory bumps.

Plummé plum oil enriches your skin with vitamins A and E and nourishes it with omega fatty acids and antioxidants that work together to keep your skin moisturized, renewed, elastic and even.

Try it out yourself, and see how plum oil works wonders for your skin! Order HERE!

* If you also use other medical products prescribed by a doctor to fight skin problems, consult them about compatibility with other products before using Plummé. Find support and relief from a 100% natural plum oil like Hanna Liivia did.

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